The music of this trio is best described with the term Chamber-Jazz. Jazzstandards and originals provide the platform for this interactive trio, and the instrumentation, with two slightly amplified guitars and bass, underlines the character and delicacy of chamber music – but in a jazz format.
Virtuosity is obliged but never displayed for its own sake; the intention concerns rather the filigree structure of melodies,
delicate comping, and subtle listening for each other.
The Atlantic Jazz Trio emerged out of the long-standing friendship between Garry Hagberg and Thomas Horstmann, who together found in Peter Schönfeld the underlying "backbone" which made it possible for them to render their harmonic-melodic concept.
This new trio, still early in its development, has already been well-received by audiences, and its musical sound-textures - produced exclusively by strings - has been welcomed as a softer, more intimate approach to both classic and original jazz compositions.


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